Chemical weapons storage

Chemical Arsenal Storage
Chemical Arsenal Storage Video played on the computer. Available for Licensing Worldwide.

Chemical Weapons Storage in Russia High-Resolution Video 720 X 576 Progressive 25 fps.

Russian chemical weapons

Russian Federation back in the 1990s. At the time, the stockpiles of chemical weapons in Russia were considered among the largest in the world – 39,967 tons (in the United States – 31,500 tons). Such poisonous substances represented the central part of chemical weapons as lewisite, mustard, a mixture of lewisite-mustard (HL), sarin, soman, VX (substance 33).

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Russia Destroys Chemical Weapons
Russia Destroys Chemical Weapons

Chemical warfare arsenal

Russian Storage of poisonous substances

The Red Army has used chemical warfare agents since 1921. Video of first atomic bomb test.(there is evidence that in 1930-1932) during peasant uprisings against Soviet power. Stock footage videos on Nuclear Power Accidents, radioactive waste, Russian and Soviet related environmental problems. Real footage or news coverage.




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