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Experienced Multi-Skilled Camera Operator in Ukraine for Video Storytelling. As a highly skilled camera operator based in Ukraine, I specialize in shooting and editing video stories for various media outlets. With expertise in covering news stories across Ukraine and border regions, I am adept at working under tight deadlines and often filming at short notice. I possess a diverse range of technical skills and equipment knowledge, ensuring high-quality footage in various situations. This post serves to provide an overview of my capabilities and contact information for potential collaborations.

Key Skills and Equipment:

  • Proficient in operating various HD cameras and associated equipment for videography.
  • Experienced in working with sound and lighting accessories to enhance video production quality.
  • Knowledgeable in live streaming technology, specifically LiveU and AviWest live video broadcast.
  • Capable of working closely with correspondents, producers, and other team members to shoot, edit, and transmit stories on time.
  • Skilled in videography and editing, ensuring the delivery of compelling visual narratives.
  • Proven track record of collaborating with international journalists both in the field and on the desk.
  • Willingness to work long hours and weekends as required.

Availability and Flexibility:

Our professional cameramen are prepared to travel throughout Ukraine and to towns near the Russian-Belarusian border at short notice. As a dedicated TV freelancer, I understand the dynamic nature of news reporting and can adapt to changing circumstances. With a commitment to professionalism and meeting deadlines, I strive to deliver outstanding results. If you are in need of a multi-skilled camera operator with a strong background in videography, editing, and live streaming technology, I am ready to contribute to your projects. With a wealth of experience working with international journalists and a versatile skill set, I can help bring your stories to life through captivating visuals. Please feel free to contact me via the provided phone numbers or email address to discuss potential collaborations or inquiries further.

#ЭмоциональноеВидео isn’t just a hashtag; it’s our promise. In Ukraine, every frame we shoot tells a story, echoing the heartbeats of its vibrant people. Our camera crew dives deep, crafting genuine narratives and striking visuals. Every clip mirrors Ukraine’s soul and resilience. Seeking emotional depth and top-tier production? Look no further. We’re here, capturing Ukraine’s essence one shot at a time.

TVDATA holds a diverse collection of footage from various Ukrainian towns and cities, capturing the vibrant streets of Kyiv, the scenic beauty of Lviv, and more.

Media partners looking to enrich their documentaries, feature films, or other visual narratives can license this footage directly from us. Dive into Ukraine’s essence with our top-tier video content.

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