ARRI ALEXA Mini  for rent in Moscow, in St. Petersburg

ARRI ALEXA Mini  available for rent in Moscow or in St. Petersburg on a Daily or weekly basis.

Daily Price €950 / $1050 with a Russian technician.
Weekly Price €2850 / $3150 with a technician located in Moscow or St. Petersburg city.

ARRI ALEXA Mini is the most recent add-on to the ARRI digital cinema cameras. The Mini ALEXA is an ARRI ALEXA in a fantastic lightweight, carbon body, about 5lbs. Designed with innovative filmmaking kits such as gimbal stabilizers and drones in mind.

ARRI ALEXA Mini available for rent in Moscow or in St. Petersburg.

High Standard Video Camera ARRI Alexa 35MM for rent in Moscow and anywhere in Russia:

At TVDATA MEDIA we offer ARRI Alexa 35MM at a good rate and on flexible terms.

Recording to S X S Cards,  with Pro resolution 4:2:2 and up to 50 progressives. ARRI Alexa digital motion camera configured to write video directly to S × S cards, a  Solid State with Apple Pro Resolution codecs. You can immediately review your recorded video at full resolution. In addition, you have uncompressed native High Definition & ARRIRAW video formats.

It’s a very good video camera for filming feature films and drama with an intuitive interface and reliable functionality.

ARRI Alexa 35MM Film Camera for rent in Moscow
ARRI Alexa 35MM Film Camera for rent in Moscow
TVDATA’s Standard Kit for rentals ARRI Digital Alexa

Daily rate for renting in Moscow city 50 000 rubles.